Outdoor Gazebos for Schools

School gazebos are the perfect addition to any playground or outdoor space. Providing flexible, functional covered areas, a school gazebo can be used for everything from teaching and group work, to imaginative play and socialising.
Outdoor learning is a highly valued experience, opening up new ways for students to engage with a wide variety of subjects.
Outdoor gazebos for schools support the delivery of these subjects while opening up exciting opportunities to make education a positive and inclusive experience for all pupils.

Taking learning outside has massive benefits for everyone involved and the addition of an outdoor classroom gazebo means it can be planned into the curriculum with minimal additional resources.
Being outdoors boosts wellbeing. Spending time outside gives everyone a mental health lift, and with screen time on the rise, moving class out into the school gazebo is a brilliant way to take a digital break. 
Being outdoors is a natural mood booster, reducing feelings of stress and helping people to relax in a less-pressurised environment.

With sustainability and tackling climate change key priorities for today’s government, outdoor learning is a practical, hands-on way to enable children to improve their relationship with nature. 
Outdoor gazebos for schools mean that outdoor learning is always on the timetable, whatever the weather.
The UK is leading the way with the education sector receiving greater support to drive activity which improves climate education.
Installing an outdoor classroom gazebo can help to bolster environmental education and enable young people to gain a deeper knowledge of the world around them.

All types of lessons can be moved outdoors, even traditional subjects like Maths and English, and a school gazebo offers a fantastic base for field studies.
Outdoor learning is a way of engaging pupils who don’t necessarily thrive in a traditional classroom environment. An outdoor classroom gazebo can feel less stressful to some students.
With inclusive access, an outdoor timber gazebo from Hand Made Places brings everyone together to learn in the round and experience the same range of activities.

A change in learning environment can be the shift some children need to help different concepts and ideas make sense.
It can also offer a greater freedom to children, where they feel more able and confident to express their thoughts, building communication skills, self-esteem and confidence.
The addition of an outdoor gazebo, such as the Darell Gazebo, can provide a focal point in the playground encouraging more children outdoors during lunch and break times. The Darell Gazebo also provides enough cover for a whole class, with the option of integral seating and decking.
Some schools may benefit from a series of smaller timber gazebos such as the Caversham Gazebo for group work, quiet study time or for pupils to use when playtime is affected by poor weather.
The Willingdon Gazebo is also a popular outdoor school gazebo option.
Timber outdoor gazebos form part of our extensive range of outdoor classrooms, shelters and shade sails for schools.

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