Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment

When the world around us is a place to explore, ensuring children in nursery and early years settings have safety as well as freedom is crucial. At Hand Made Places we have decades of experience in designing, building and installing outdoor play and learning areas for children of all ages.

Over that time we have developed a core range of products that are not only appropriate for children at foundation stage, they are also lots of fun.

Encouraging progression and skills improvement, our early years playground equipment is focused on physical, sensory, imaginary and inclusive play.

With plenty of activities to keep young children on the move all day, a playground from Hand Made Places provides important physical exercise as well as opportunities to build other skills such as communication and language.

The purpose of our equipment is to always support play principles and healthy development.

It can be used to create different areas such as horticulture corners, quiet zones or climbing quarters.

We work to integrate indoor and outdoor learning environments, so children have access to well-planned and well-resourced playgrounds appropriate to their age and ability.

At Hand Made Places we collaborate with teachers to provide playground designs engineered to help children reach their potential.

Whether it is nurturing curiosity and understanding through sand and water play or fostering expressive or creative behaviours in outdoor music areas, our advisers have a wealth of knowledge to share.

And because we build our timber playground equipment to order, we can ensure every feature brings play value for that individual location.

As part of the Broxap group of companies we also offer a wide range of furniture, fencing and signage to create external classrooms and play areas that early years settings and nurseries aspire to.


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Our Sectors

EYFS & Nurseries

When the world around us is a place to explore, ensuring children in nursery and early years settings have safety as well as freedom is crucial.

Primary Education

Play is an important element of primary education, supporting little ones as they transition from early years surroundings.

SEN Schools

Play-based learning can be a vital part of a special needs education structure. We work with SEN schools and facilities to plan for children’s needs as well as provide lots of fun.

Local Authorities

An exciting play area is part of a healthy and happy community. Create imaginative, innovative and stimulating play areas which are valued by residents.

Holiday Parks & Visitor Attractions

Family friendly holiday destinations will always raise a smile with a playground from Hand Made Places.

House Builders

We can help to deliver the vision of placemaking professionals by creating social and creative experiences which live up to expectation.