Outdoor Play Stages For EYFS

Outdoor playground stages allow children to bring their most imaginative selves into the spotlight. As well as stretching their creative muscles, children who engage in the arts can boost their confidence and develop new skills. Hand Made Places manufactures equipment for various performance spaces from the delightful Puppet Theatre Screen through to a full Varndean Amphitheatre.

An outdoor performance space is an excellent way of helping children to explore and discover in order to form original ideas. This originality is not only developed through performance but also through imaginative play. Many of our outdoor stages have multiple uses on the playground which make them an excellent use of space.

Performing on a playground stage within a supportive school environment develops emotional and sympathetic maturity. Given the opportunity to express emotions in this context, children look for ways to interpret their lives and experiences. This also encourages all pupils to appreciate other points of view.

Theatrics are a wonderful way of bringing story time to life. Furthermore, many children prefer to learn through movement – acting out concepts will help kinaesthetic learners to feel part of a lesson.

The learning opportunities don’t stop there. In planning a performance you have the opportunity to teach children to work cooperatively within groups, extend their vocabulary and explore different cultures. Finally, when staging a story children are required to use problem solving and visual thinking skills, both of which are vital in later education and the wider world.

Transform your playground into a hub of creativity with Musical Performance Stages that inspire self-expression and confidence. 

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  1. Super Star Stage
    BX/HMP 650049 Super Star Stage
  2. Star Stage
    BX/HMP 650046 Star Stage
  3. Puppet Theatre Screen
    BX/HMP 650043 Puppet Theatre Screen
  4. Varndean Amphitheatre
    BX/HMP 200022 Varndean Amphitheatre
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4 Items