Wooden Climbing Frames

A wooden climbing frame brings fun, adventure and an interesting dynamic to the playground. Having the opportunity to climb to new heights can inspire children to push themselves further, to set and aim for new goals.

An obstacle or a challenge, however it is viewed, a timber playground climbing frame gets users moving their bodies. It's a physical activity which encourages a wide range of movement for the development of gross motor skills. A climbing frame gets children stretching, crawling, grabbing and swinging. Whether they take giant strides or tentative steps, the climbing frame is a playground activity which contributes to every user's learning and development. It helps to build skills such as balance, coordination and agility too, with the most nimble making it across the frame in the quickest times.

Wooden climbing frames add different levels and features to a playground, allowing children to stop and play at a height they feel happy with. With timbers placed at various elevations and threaded around the entire frame, there's no pressure on users to push the boundaries of their comfort zone until they feel ready. The climbing frame is where children and young people encourage and motivate each other during active play. Building confidence and social skills, a climbing frame can contribute to personal and emotional development. It's also fantastic for burning off some energy.

Timber climbing frames from Hand Made Places are a work of art. Combing sustainably sourced timbers with attractive and demanding layouts, our wooden playground climbing frame range features a variety of configurations for different age groups. This makes a climbing frame a great all-round piece of equipment for school playgrounds, neighbourhood play areas, holiday parks and tourist attractions. 

Everyone, young and old, loves a climbing frame. Tackling the climb might form part of a fun race against friends, an adventure playground trail or a personal accomplishment. Either way a climbing frame can bring out the more daring side in users. From the initial adrenaline rush to the rewarding feeling when the endorphins are released after achieving the goal, wooden climbing frames bring smiles to faces while also helping to improve strength and concentration.

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  1. Ashbury Climbing Frame
    BX/HMP 150902 Ashbury Climbing Frame
  2. Birds Nest Climbing Frame
    BX/HMP 150017 Birds Nest Climbing Frame
  3. Ripley Climbing Frame
    BX/HMP 150014 Ripley Climbing Frame
  4. Beddington Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150005 Beddington Play Unit
  5. Andover Play Unit
    BX/HMP 150004 Andover Play Unit
  6. Amazon Rope Climber
    BX/HMP 100050 Amazon Rope Climber
  7. Congo Rope Climber at Thorn Grove Primary School
    BX/HMP 150023 Congo Rope Climber
  8. Hawk's Nest
    BX/HMP 150022 Hawk's Nest
  9. Heron's Nest
    BX/HMP 150021 Heron's Nest
  10. Wren's Nest
    BX/HMP 150020 Wren's Nest
  11. Lumberjack Ladder
    BX/HMP 100087 Lumberjack Ladder
  12. A-Frame Climber
    BX/HMP3 100912 A-Frame Climber
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12 Items