Playground Signs

Playground signs are the perfect solution for tying your entire playground together. We offer bespoke design and engravings to be incorporated into your signs allowing you to personalise your play area.

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A highly popular sign is our Engraved Archway. We recommend adding the name of a person, school or club whilst our Four-Way Finger Post provides a fun way of encouraging children to develop orientation skills.

You can also place our bespoke playground signs above gates to create a striking playground entrance.

Not only this, but we also design and manufacture a range of playground fencing and timber seating to complement our signage and completes any outdoor playground environment.

Contact us for more information or alternatively, you can browse our entire range of playground equipment.

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2 Items

  1. Engraved Archway
    BX/HMP 750013 Engraved Archway
  2. 4 Way Finger Post
    BX/HMP 750001 4 Way Finger Post
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2 Items