Inclusive Playground Equipment

Inclusive playground equipment draws young people of all abilities together to share fun and laughter side by side.
With additional supports and wheelchair access, we offer some of the most popular and best loved playground equipment for all to enjoy.
Teamed up with products from our Sensory Play range and Imaginative Play range, our Inclusive Play collection is essential for spaces which unite users through experiences.

Based on Traditional Play equipment such as swings, seesaws and roundabouts, inclusive playground equipment has improved accessibility and often has space for multiple users.
It is designed so that everyone has equal status in the playground benefiting from the same opportunities to make memories, form lasting friendships and have fun alongside their peers.
Our range is intended to be installed as part of the overall mix of playground equipment, breaking down social barriers and supporting everyone to develop and grow.
Swings are always a firm favourite and our Inclusive Play range features a number of options depending on the needs of users and the community.
Our popular Nest Swing is fantastic for adults as well as children young and old, from teenagers sharing the swing while they chat to little ones piling in to enjoy the sensation of flying through the air. Parents and carers can get on board too.
The Buddy Swing accommodates two users while the iSwing has a cradle which enables wheelchair users to join in the fun.
The Wheelspin and Infinity Bowl are not for the faint-hearted bringing the thrill of spinning round and round safely to all users.
How fast the Wheelspin goes is up to those playing together, with seats and grab rails included as well as flat-level entrance points for manual and powered wheelchairs.
Our Trampoline range features wheelchair accessible options, with different shapes and sizes available.
Meanwhile the Wave Rocker has room for up to six users, including a central pad at wheelchair-transfer height.
Moving together, children can enjoy the sensation of rolling up and down while the control system avoids sudden jolting movements.

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  1. Nest Swing
    BX/HMP3 100094 Nest Swing
  2. Infinity Bowl
    BX/HMP 850271 Infinity Bowl
  3. Standard Wheelpin
    BX/HMP 850270 Wheelspin
  4. Wheelchair swing
    BX/HMP 850273 iSwing
  5. Social Swing
    BX/HMP 850290 Social Swing
  6. IP23 Sit Up Swing
    BX/HMP 850275 IP23 Sit Up Swing
  7. Buddy Swing
    BX/HMP 850276 Buddy Swing
  8. Hammock swing
    BX/HMP 850279 Swing Easy Hammock
  9. 1.5m Trampoline
    BX/HMP 850277 1.5m Trampoline
  10. Wheelchair accessible trampoline
    BX/HMP 850286 Rolli Trampoline
  11. Rubber jumper
    BX/HMP 850287 Rubber Jumper
  12. Haiger Bridge
    BX/HMP 850285 Haiger Bridge
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Items 1-12 of 16