Sand and Water Pits/Play Tables

Sensory learning is always fun when it incorporates sand and water play. And the collection of sand pits and water trays designed by Hand Made Places not only keeps children entertained, it helps to support their education and development too.

At Hand Made Places we produce a range of timber sand pits so that there is something to suit every outdoor space.

Large, small or developed for wheelchair access, a sand pit offers opportunities for creative and construction play as well as fine-tuning physical movements.

The different shapes and sizes of sand pit we offer are intended to open up areas for individual and group play as well as varying levels and platforms for building on.

Sand play encourages children to concentrate and focus and can also help to reinforce expectations in behaviour.

Installing a wooden sand pit gives children the chance to test concepts about the physical world. Sand play improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while digging, pouring and scooping can be very calming and soothing - a healthy way to release tension.

Water trays have similar properties and are a great way to play and learn by initiating a hands-on approach to subjects such as maths and science.

Volume and capacity is explored through filling and pouring from containers while physics lessons become more captivating with practical demonstrations.

Sand pits and water trays also support imaginative and inclusive play, opening up opportunities to young people of all abilities and encouraging different peer groups to interact.

Our equipment is designed to be easy to maintain, while sand pit covers help to keep the play area clean and hygienic.

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  1. Ocean Tray & Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250024 Ocean Tray & Water Chute
  2. Ocean Tray
    BX/HMP 250025 Ocean Tray
  3. Ocean Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250023 Ocean Water Chute
  4. Atlantic 1
    BX/HMP 250022 Atlantic 1
  5. Double Tray & Chute Combo
    BX/HMP 250055 Double Tray & Chute Combo
  6. Extra Large Sand Pit at Cuddles Day Nursery
    sand_pits Sand Pits
    From £625.00
  7. Pedestal Sand Pit
    BX/HMP 800007 Pedestal Sand Pit
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