Trim Trails

Trim Trails are the perfect way to get children outside and exercising with a clear focus on fun. Exploring the surrounding environment becomes an exciting new challenge as they tackle the series of playground equipment while all the time building confidence and ability.

The type of play encouraged by an Adventure Trail installation helps children to develop strength and co-ordination.
Our range is perfect for early years play and is suitable for anyone over the age of three making it a great addition for schools, public parks and open spaces, leisure and holiday sites or tourist attractions. As well as honing those physical skills, a Trim Trail can inspire a love of sport and activity, generating life-long healthy habits.

The collection is made up of low level timber play equipment such as Balance Beams, Climbing Frames and Wobble Bridges. The range extends to more challenging pieces including Overhead Ladders, Hurdles and Scramble Nets. The Rope Walk, Up and Over and Zig Zag keeps the Trim Trail interesting for older children, while youngsters can continue to test their abilities with Stepping Stones and the Duck and Weave. Together the items form a trail that offers a fun way to learn, all with the benefit of being outdoors. And as well as fantastic play value, the equipment is a highly cost-effective resource to incorporate into PE lessons. 

Designed and built in the UK, our Trim Trail is manufactured using square section laminated redwood timbers and incorporates traditional carpentry techniques. Our focus is always on safety as well as fun, and the play equipment produced at Hand Made Places is made to be secure and long-lasting. Our expert team of consultants works with clients to develop their own trail, focusing on budget and their unique themes whether it be encouraging team work, exploring risk taking or promoting social inclusion. And our installation professionals ensure the end product is the perfect fit for the space available.

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  1. Balance Beam at Paxton Academy, Croydon
    BX/HMP3 100001 Balance Beam
  2. Wobble Bridge at Stroud Green Primary School
    BX/HMP3 100030 Wobble Bridge
  3. Swing Steps at Newton Preparatory School
    BX/HMP3 100019 Swing Steps
  4. Balance Weaver at Northlands Primary School, Basildon
    BX/HMP3 100002 Balance Weaver
  5. V-Bridge at Northlands Primary School, Basildon
    BX/HMP3 100027 V-Bridge
  6. Rota Log
    BX/HMP3 100099 Rota Log
  7. Stilts
    BX/HMP3 100018 Stilts
  8. Sloped Balance Beams
    BX/HMP3 100113 Sloped Balance Beams
  9. Stepping Logs at Paxton Academy, Croydon
    BX/HMP3 100017 Stepping Logs
  10. Duck & Weave
    BX/HMP3 100091 Duck & Weave
  11. Chin Ups
    BX/HMP3 100003 Chin Up Bars
  12. Triple Traverse Walls
    BX/HMP3 100024 Triple Traverse Walls
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Items 1-12 of 37