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Support imagination and creativity with playground equipment from our music and performance range. From outdoor musical instruments to stages and puppet theatres, there’s something to appeal to the artistic side of every playground visitor.

Providing space in the playground for children and young people to explore and engage with the arts helps them to develop their individual responses and reactions.
Exploring different sounds and the type of music created by different instruments helps to develop listening and understanding.
From simple percussion instruments and Talk Tubes to the Grand Floor Piano, exposing children to such a variety of sounds can ignite a love of music.
For the very young, our outdoor music and performance equipment is ideal for discovery sessions as children are challenged to fill the air with sound.
It can teach children about rhythm and beat, contributing to numeracy skills and encouraging scientific minds to discover how the sounds are made.

For some playground visitors, outdoor music and performance sessions will inspire a love of dance. Moving to music is a powerful connection to what they are experiencing in the world around them.
Outdoor stages are a fantastic tool for encouraging drama and dance, as well as self-expression.
In addition to drawing out and developing natural talent, playground performance areas can provide a safe, comfortable space where young people can overcome any shyness or hesitation. They also link in with physical development.
These play areas can appeal to a broad spectrum of playground visitor, offering an alternative to active play. Through imaginative play, children can instead act out their dreams and ambitions from performing at a pop concert to acting out their favourite stories.

Playgrounds which feature music and performance areas naturally support the development of literacy and communication skills too. 
From group discussions exploring different perspectives to the same outdoor learning session, to inspiring a love of reading and acting, our playground equipment is designed to help children develop their own ideas through the freedom to explore.
Music and performance areas provide multi-sensory experiences, enriching vocabulary and encouraging children’s curiosity as well as their confidence.

Activities surrounding music and performance can be tied in with many areas of the curriculum and school playgrounds are ideal for this type of playground equipment. Our stages, theatres, musical instruments and other sensory play equipment provides inclusive opportunities for young and old to get together and raising cultural awareness.  

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  1. Varndean Amphitheatre
    BX/HMP 200022 Varndean Amphitheatre
  2. Star Stage
    BX/HMP 650046 Star Stage
  3. Super Star Stage
    BX/HMP 650049 Super Star Stage
  4. Sound Centre
    BX/HMP 650045 Sound Centre
  5. Chimes
    BX/HMP 650001 Chimes
  6. Rainwheel
    BX/HMP 650004 Rainwheel
  7. Percussion Post
    BX/HMP 650902 Percussion Post
    From £415.00
  8. Tubular Bells
    BX/HMP 650 Tubular Bells
    From £447.00
  9. Petal Drum
    BX/HMP 650047 Petal Drum
  10. Cow Bells
    BX/HMP 650903 Cow Bells
  11. Turtle Drum
    BX/HMP 650007 Turtle Drum
  12. Tiger Glockenspiel
    BX/HMP 650006 Tiger Glockenspiel
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Items 1-12 of 53