Playground Swings

Swings in School playgrounds and parks are where memories are made – the exhilaration of flying through the air can be enjoyed by every playground visitor. With a variation of different playground equipment whether designing a community play area or a school playground, our equipment is the perfect suit.

Whether it’s tots having fun with their parents, older children relishing the feeling of freedom or adults reliving their youth, swings are among the most popular pieces of playground equipment.

For little ones, the playground swings introduce new sensations and movements. They can experience rapid travel but within a safe, calming rhythm. As they grow, outdoor swing sets becomes a great way to get in some exercise as they learn how to move their legs to carry themselves higher and faster.

Swinging promotes physical play and active development and the motion can also have sensory and relaxing effect. A trip to the swings is also a great way for parents and carers to enjoy face-to-face play with their children, and an opportunity for young people to engage with siblings or friends by giving them a helpful push.

Playing on the swings can support the development of balance and coordination. It inspires older children to get active as they pump their legs and move their body to make the swing travel and promotes spatial awareness.

At Hand Made Places we have a range of swings in our collection of traditional playground equipment. This includes the nest swing, big enough for two and great for opening up opportunities for young people to socialise and work as a team. We also offer traditional cradle swings for youngsters to ensure they are swinging safely and securely while under supervision.

Our flat swings are also a familiar sight in playgrounds everywhere. As children develop posture and strength they can move on to the flat swing, putting them in control. Our timber framed swing sets come in various formats and configurations. Speak to our team about your playground needs.

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  1. Nest Swing
    BX/HMP3 100094 Nest Swing
  2. Double Cradle Swing
    BX/HMP3 100035 Double Cradle Swings
  3. Double Bay Swing
    BX/HMP3 100034 Double Bay Swing
  4. Double Flat Swings
    BX/HMP3 100036 Double Flat Swings
  5. Wheelchair swing
    BX/HMP 850273 iSwing
  6. Social Swing
    BX/HMP 850290 Social Swing
  7. IP23 Sit Up Swing
    BX/HMP 850275 IP23 Sit Up Swing
  8. Buddy Swing
    BX/HMP 850276 Buddy Swing
  9. Hammock swing
    BX/HMP 850279 Swing Easy Hammock
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9 Items