Trains, Tractors & Cars

From a train and carriage to a horse and cart, our timber play sculpture collection invites children to take a journey without leaving the safety of the playground. Play cars, trains and tractors from Hand Made Places are a popular addition to any play area. Capturing children’s attention and imagination, they double up as seating or a place to rest as well as serving as props in a land of imaginative play.

Our Log Train is great for bringing children together, as they climb aboard and find their seat or take the driver’s place at the head of the engine. Meanwhile, the Play Train comes complete with a freight car and room enough for friends to take a trip too. Perfect for toddlers as well as pre-schoolers and young children, it is a fun way to inspire movement and coordination as well as encourage creative thinking. A vehicle themed play sculpture can complement many different types of play area, from tourist attractions to community playgrounds.

Our Horse and Cart and Tractor and Trailer bring a taste of the countryside to outdoor areas, while our Petrol Pump is great for role play as children act out the tasks and challenges they see their parents and carers complete. Our Tractor Springy delivers a new element of activity to the playground. Based on the traditional springy play equipment, youngsters can burn off some energy as they drive the tractor over the hills and fields in their imagination. Our collection of play cars, trains and tractors can be incorporated into a Hand Made Places playground based around a mini town theme. Or our advisers can create a bespoke play sculpture, helping clients maximise the play value of their equipment with exciting additions and a safe layout.

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  1. Log Train
    BX/PD 250011 Log Train
  2. Play Train
    BX/HMP 250056 Train Set
  3. Tractor & Trailer
    BX/HMP 2500 Tractor & Trailer
  4. Petrol Pump
    BX/HMP 250012 Petrol Pump
  5. Horse & Cart
    BX/HMP 350012 Horse & Cart
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5 Items