Playground Benches & Seats

School playgrounds are more than just areas for play; they are spaces for learning, socialisation, and creativity. High-quality outdoor benches and seats can transform these areas into multifunctional zones that encourage physical activity and foster cognitive development.

Outdoor benches and seats in school playgrounds offer designated rest areas where students can take a break from play, engage in quiet activities, or socialise. These zones not only encourage relaxation but also promote the development of social skills and teamwork.

Our high quality wooden benches for schools complete any playground whilst providing practical benefits.

At Hand Made Places, our seats and benches for schools are versatile and adaptable, promoting creativity and allowing the space to be used for outdoor learning. The storyteller’s chair is a fun way to encourage learning outdoors.

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  1. Storyteller's Chair
    BX/HMP 450028 Storyteller's Chair
  2. Oak Leaf Table
    BX/HMP 450021 Oak Leaf Table
  3. Maple Leaf Table
    BX/HMP 450034 Maple Leaf Table
  4. Leaf Seats
    BX/HMP 4500 Leaf Seats
  5. Button Stools
    BX/HMP 450007 Button Stools
  6. Modular Radius Seat
    BX/HMP 450016 Modular Radius Seat
  7. Engraved Bench
    BX/ HMP 450006 Engraved Bench
  8. Standard Bench
    BX/HMP 450006 Standard Bench
    From £195.00
  9. Mini Picnic Table
    BX/PD 450008 Mini Picnic Table
  10. H-Frame Picnic Table
    BX/PD 450005 H-Frame Picnic Table
  11. Leamington Picnic Bench
    BX/PD 450014 Leamington Picnic Bench
    From £576.00
  12. Party Table
    BX/PD 450010 Party Table
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Items 1-12 of 21