Traditional Play & Sport

Our range of traditional play and sport playground equipment consists of seesaws, springs, goals and ball walls which are ideal for any playground to encourage active play, physical development and social skills.

Traditional Play Equipment

Numerous public play spaces have benefited from our high quality traditional play and sport equipment to enhance environments to be enjoyed by families and young people.

Hand Made Places offers a range of traditional playground equipment which includes a variety of swingsslidesspringies and seesaws. We can supply sizes and shapes to fit any landscape. We also provide numerous types of gates and fencing designs to enhance these essential places of community life.

Sports Play Equipment

Playground sports encourages physical development, teamwork and communication skills. Outdoor sports equipment is ideal for use in break times or during PE lessons.

Our range of sports play equipment includes a combi goal which is a multi-use game area. The Combi goal can be used for a variety of games as it includes a goal, basketball net and ball walls which makes it perfect for areas where space is a premium.

Our range of sports playground equipment provides children with the opportunity to develop their own games encouraging physical and communication skills.

The fireball is very popular as this allows children to hone their hand-eye coordination skills in a less physical situation. Children can also use the fireball to create games to enhance cooperation, teamwork, communication and number skills.

This range has been curated from the Hand Made Places collection of wooden playground equipment.

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  1. Nest Swing
    BX/HMP3 100094 Nest Swing
  2. Double Cradle Swing
    BX/HMP3 100035 Double Cradle Swings
  3. Double Bay Swing
    BX/HMP3 100034 Double Bay Swing
  4. Double Flat Swings
    BX/HMP3 100036 Double Flat Swings
  5. Embankment Slide
    BX/PD 100074 Embankment Playground Slides
  6. Embankment Ramp (3m)
    BX/PD 100014 Embankment Ramp (3m)
  7. Embankment Net
    BX/PD 100013 Embankment Net (3m)
  8. Seesaw
    BX/PD 100040 Seesaw
  9. Timber MUGA
    BX/HMP BSP-100115 Timber MUGA
  10. Cow Springy
    BX/PD 300005 Cow Springy
  11. Fireball
    BX/PD 100016 Fireball
  12. Whale Springy
    BX/PD 300018 Whale Springy
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Items 1-12 of 32