Sensory Play Equipment

Our collection of accessible playground equipment offers sensory play opportunities for everyone.
At Hand Made Places, we create outdoor areas that capture the imagination and deliver adventures.
And our sensory play equipment is designed to transport youngsters into exciting new worlds of discovery.

Whether it is dreaming of playing live in a band in front of thousands all from a small sensory garden, or being immersed in the thrill of a story, users of all ages and abilities can enjoy shared experiences through our products.
These include musical instruments, like our permanent outdoor Tubular Bells installations, Petal Drum or Mirorr Chimes.

Carved Totems are perfect for inspiring role play or discussion topics while tracing the story in the pictures in the timber.
A Puppet Theatre can help with literacy and speech development as well as unite children in friendship.
Activities such as Finger Mazes link learning and play while tactile exercises, like messy play with our Sand Pits and Water Chutes and Tables, are fantastic fun as well as a brilliant aid to outdoor lessons.
Timber Playground Sculptures immediately transform even the smallest of spaces into a place of vision and creativity.
And all nature zones are immediately enhanced with the addition of a carved animal trail.
Even simple equipment can bring hours of enjoyment. Our Mirror Panels get everyone smiling while outdoor chalk and dry wipe boards support imaginative play as well as outdoor classroom games.
Gardening is another brilliant tool to bring different groups of people together and, as we manufacture our range on site from our purpose-built timber workshop, Hand Made Places can create planters and containers for spaces big and small.
We also offer bespoke signage, seating and fencing, making Hand Made Places the perfect partner for creating sensory play areas that everyone will want to return to again and again.

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  1. Finger Mazes
    BX/HMP finger_mazes Finger Mazes
  2. Dizzy Disc
    BX/HMP 400007 Dizzy Disc
  3. Double Tray & Chute Combo
    BX/HMP 250055 Double Tray & Chute Combo
  4. Ocean Tray & Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250024 Ocean Tray & Water Chute
  5. Ocean Water Chute
    BX/HMP 250023 Ocean Water Chute
  6. Ocean Tray
    BX/HMP 250025 Ocean Tray
  7. Pedestal Sand Pit
    BX/HMP 800007 Pedestal Sand Pit
  8. Extra Large Sand Pit at Cuddles Day Nursery
    sand_pits Sand Pits
    From £625.00
  9. Holey Poles
    BX/HMP 250037 Holey Poles
  10. Kolus Totem Post
    BX/HMP 750011 Kolus Totem Post
  11. Touch & Movement Totem
    BX/HMP 750008 Touch & Movement Totem
  12. Taste & Smell Totem
    BX/HMP 750007 Taste & Smell Totem
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Items 1-12 of 65