Outdoor Playground Mirrors

Peekaboo! Installing playground outdoor mirrors encourages visual investigation, something which helps children to develop self-awareness and observation skills. This is not just about mental agility; it’s about giving children the gift of engaging with the world, teaching them how to pick out things they’re interested in, and how to share it with others.

Aside from the excitement of the real world, children are endlessly delighted with the distorted reflections they find in convex and concave outdoor mirrors. Furthermore, to a creative mind, any mirror can become a window to another universe. This is perfect for imaginary play.

Outdoor mirrors are also an excellent investment for education. Science and maths lessons are enhanced by experiments which allow children to play with reflected light and symmetry.

A mirror is also a wonderful storytelling tool – children can apply their observations to their own writing or imagine they’ve fallen into Wonderland through Alice’s ‘looking glass’. There are also countless ways to incorporate mirrors into art lessons, so why not give pupils a change of scene while they use their new-found observation skills?

Our outdoor mirror panels are accessible to wheelchair users. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a wall or on timber legs to suit your exterior area – after all, mirrors are used to increase a sense of space!

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