KS1 & KS2 Playground Gym Equipment

Our playground gym equipment for children aims to improve participation and fun elements of encouraging a healthy lifestyle in children. Hand Made Places fully supports the national consciousness to develop sport and exercise opportunities in children’s play environments.

The range of outdoor fitness playground equipment boosts active play and physical development. The children’s playground equipment helps to build their strength, develop balance and improve coordination through a range of new challenges. The Hand Made Places outdoor fitness equipment is designed so that children can challenge each other as they exercise.

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  1. Tai Chi Discs - Woodville Junior School
    BX/SG 4010 Children's Tai Chi Discs
  2. Children's Sky Stepper
    BX/SG 4009 Children's Sky Stepper
  3. Children's Horse Rider
    BX/SG 4007 Children's Horse Rider
  4. Children's Double Slalom Skier
    BX/SG 4006 Children's Double Slalom Skier
  5. Children's Double Health Walker - Oxhey First School
    BX/SG 4005 Children's Double Health Walker
  6. Children's Double Strength Challenger | Children's outdoor fitness equipment from Sunshine Gym
    BX/SG 4004 Children's Double Strength Challenger
  7. Children's Leg Stretch
    BX/SG 4003 Children's Leg Stretch
  8. Children's Waist Twister
    BX/SG 4002 Children's Waist Twister
  9. Double Sit Up Bench - Woodville Junior School
    BX/SG 4000 Children's Double Sit Up Bench
  10. Children's Rower
    BX/SG 4008 Children's Rower
  11. Children's Arm & Pedal Bike
    BX/SG 4011 Children's Arm & Pedal Bicycle
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11 Items