Eco Play

Eco play playground equipment and environmental education over the last couple of decades have become integral elements of school life. As children get to grips with the basics of the natural world, they learn how to take care of their environment. It also means you can channel energy in a fruitful way.

Involving pupils with composting and self-sustainability means they’re likely to pick up positive habits and develop a commitment to environmental awareness. Planting fruit and veg can also encourage pupils to eat more healthily. If you nurture your own vegetables, you’re far more likely to want to eat them.

Eco play also offers valuable opportunities to learn through practical activities and hands-on experience. Pupils have fun learning about various life cycles and food chains if they monitor the progress of a Compost Cottage, or one of our Mini Beast HQs. This also promotes patience and responsibility.

Building eco play into the school day allows children to engage in physical activity. Develop your gross motor skills as you dig soil and turn compost; hone fine motor skills through planting and pruning. These activities also engage with multiple senses so they’re great for SEN education.

Willow structures are ideal for imaginative play, outdoor classrooms, or for use in storytelling. However, you can still create an eco-area with limited space. As part of our Eco Play Playground Equipment, our full range of planters offer various shapes and sizes and will mean there’s somewhere wildlife can thrive.

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12 Items

  1. Forest Story House
    BX/PD 200019 Forest Story House
  2. Sensory Planter
    BX/HMP 400022 Sensory Planter
  3. Willow Dome
    BX/HMP 550005 Willow Dome
  4. Willow Tunnel
    BX/HMP 550004 Willow Tunnel
  5. Swan Planter
    BX/HMP 400023 Swan Planter
  6. Compost Cottage
    BX/HMP 550001 Compost Cottage
  7. Minibeast HQ
    BX/HMP 550008 Minibeast HQ
  8. Hexagonal Planter
    BX/HMP 400904 Hexagonal Planter
    From £150.00
  9. Corner Planter
    BX/HMP 400907 Corner Planter
    From £338.00
  10. Rectangular Planter
    BX/HMP 400906 Rectangular Planter
    From £282.00
  11. Square Planter
    BX/HMP 400905 Square Planter
    From £210.00
  12. Triangular Planter
    BX/HMP 400908 Triangular Planter
    From £172.00
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12 Items