Flexibility & Balance

Our Flexibility & Balance Exercise Equipment for Playgrounds is the perfect solution to improve flexibility, balance, and overall body coordination for children under 1.4m. This range of playground gym equipment is tailored to target specific areas of the body, making it ideal for children trying to improve their overall physical well-being.

From children's leg stretches to children's tai chi discs, our range ensures that your playground has something for everyone. Strengthen core muscles, enhance joint mobility, and refine proprioception skills with each playground workout. Our flexibility and balance equipment are designed to improve physical performance, body control, and stability from a young age, especially while children are still growing. 

Ideal for schools, parks, or recreational areas, these products seamlessly integrate into any environment. Manufactured from durable materials, they are built to withstand rigorous use and ensure longevity. The vibrant colours and engaging designs create an inviting atmosphere that encourages children to embrace an active lifestyle.

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  1. Children's Waist Twister
    BX/SG 4002 Children's Waist Twister
  2. Children's Leg Stretch
    BX/SG 4003 Children's Leg Stretch
  3. Children's Rower
    BX/SG 4008 Children's Rower
  4. Tai Chi Discs - Woodville Junior School
    BX/SG 4010 Children's Tai Chi Discs
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4 Items