Early Years Play Sculptures

Play sculptures create a fun and stimulating playground environment for early years. Early years play sculptures provides an opportunity for children to understand the world around them through imaginative play and exploration. The play sculptures can be used to create a themed area such as a nautical playground using our sea monster, octopus and shark.

Imaginative play develops a wide range of skills within early year’s children. It encourages them to communicate with other children and builds their personal, emotional and social (PSED) skills as they develop friendships. Play sculptures enhance learning. They can be used as story boards to encourage and develop communication and language skills.

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12 Items

  1. Dragonfly Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350007 Dragonfly Sculpture
  2. Grasshopper Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350010 Grasshopper Sculpture
  3. Sheep Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350018 Sheep Sculpture
  4. Bee Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350001 Bee Sculpture
  5. Butterfly Play Sculpture at Newton Preparatory School
    BX/HMP 350003 Butterfly Sculpture
  6. Hog Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350024 Hog Sculpture
  7. Snail Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350025 Snail Sculpture
  8. Cow Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350005 Cow Sculpture
  9. Raging Bull Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350015 Raging Bull Sculpture
  10. Crocodile Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350006 Crocodile Sculpture
  11. Shark Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350017 Shark Sculpture
  12. Snake Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350019 Snake Sculpture
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12 Items