Key Stage 2 (KS2) Playgrounds

Our Key Stage 2 playground equipment is designed to encourage socialising and physical play. At this age, socialising is just as important as clambering around. As a result, alongside creating a space for outdoor exercise, playground equipment can be used to sit and chat.

Top Quality Products

To cater to physical play, choose from a whole range of products such as Rope Walk, A Frame Climber and the Congo Rope Climber. Oppositely, to cater to social interaction, we offer Friendship Benches, Buddy Bus Stops and the Mini Micro World Tables.

For help selecting the perfect Key Stage 2 play equipment for your school, contact our experts or alternatively, you can continue browsing our complete range of school playground equipment.

4 Products
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4 Items

  1. Jungle Crossing
    BX/HMP3 100105 Jungle Crossing
  2. Lumberjack Ladder
    BX/HMP 100087 Lumberjack Ladder
  3. Action Station III
    BX/HMP 050903 Action Station III
  4. Button Stools
    BX/HMP 450007 Button Stools
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4 Items