Playground Fencing

Complete your playground with our high-quality timber fencing and playground signs. Add a touch of personality to your space by incorporating our wide range of children’s playground fences to brighten the area transforming it into a happy yet secure space for youngsters.

Choose from some of our popular playground fencing including Pencil Fencing, Dragon Scale Fence Panels and our Mountain Top Fence Panels.

You can then add in engraved playground signs to make your play space unique and personal to your application. We recommend using our Engraved Archway for smaller, designated play spaces and for larger, wider spread playgrounds, our Four-Way Finger Post.

Why Hand Made Places?

We design and manufacture playground fencing and signs to provide a safe and secure play environment whilst adding a finishing touch to any outdoor play area.

Also, we’re proud to state our playground fencing and gates are RoSPA approved. With us you get trusted, high-quality products that withstand the test of time, look great and help create colourful yet clear boundaries to ensure children maximum safety.

Get in touch with us for more information on how we can create your bespoke playground signs and fencing. Alternatively, we invite you to browse through our full range of playground equipment.

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  1. Pencil Fencing
    BX/PD 600002 Pencil Fencing
  2. Picket Fence Panel
    BX/HMP 600027 Picket Fence Panel
  3. Bow Top Fence Panel
    BX/HMP 600001 Bow Top Fence Panel
  4. Engraved Archway
    BX/HMP 750013 Engraved Archway
  5. 4 Way Finger Post
    BX/HMP 750001 4 Way Finger Post
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5 Items

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