Early Years Playground Equipment

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning and development of early years children up to the age of five. Within this range, you’ll find a complete set of high-quality outdoor play equipment for schools to aid the development in early years children.

Some of the key areas our EYFS play products focus on include Physical Development, Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED).

Importance of Play for Early Years

Top quality, challenging outdoor learning and play activities are crucial to early year’s development. Having a stimulating environment which delivers rich learning opportunities through play, is crucial to building the foundations of many physical, social and emotional developments.

Trust that our playground equipment offers the opportunity for children to explore and experience things first hand, gaining an in-depth understanding of the world around them.

It also encourages children to engage with one another, building communication and social interaction skills.

Physical Development

As children engage in physical play it not only improves their strength but also develops self-confidence as they overcome new challenges. These physical challenges include though is not limited to, climbing, balancing and coordination.

Communication Development

Children can develop communication, literacy and numeracy skills through equipment like sand pits. These can encourage children to learn the basic concepts of maths including shapes and measurements. It can also help them to be expressive through building structures which is an important element of art and design.

Social, Emotional & Personal Development

From products such as the Storyteller’s Chair and Friendship Bench, we provide an opportunity for children to speak, listen and read. The punctuation trail creates a fun trim trail which encourages early year’s children to learn about the different areas of punctuation whilst building balancing skills.

Why Hand Made Places?

We design, manufacture and install playground equipment which is suitable across the key areas of the early year’s foundation stage. The range is designed to provide maximum play value and with learning through play in mind.

Our team are experts in developing early year’s playgrounds to suit any abilities, budget and location whilst providing maximum play value. Get in touch with us for more information.

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  1. Twig
    BX/HMP 3000003 Twig
  2. Log Train
    BX/PD 250011 Log Train
  3. Storyteller's Chair
    BX/HMP 450028 Storyteller's Chair
  4. Hog Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350024 Hog Play Sculpture
  5. Bloxham Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050016 Bloxham Play Unit
  6. Leaf
    BX/HMP 3000001 Leaf
  7. Balksbury Play Unit
    BX/HMP 050001 Balksbury Play Unit
  8. Swan Seat
    BX/HMP 350020 Swan Seat
  9. Snail Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350025 Snail Play Sculpture
  10. Sprig
    BX/HMP 3000002 Sprig
  11. Toddlers Tower
    BX/HMP 060008 Toddlers' Tower
  12. Petrol Pump
    BX/HMP 250012 Petrol Pump
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Items 1-12 of 44

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