Super Thursday 2018 – HMP Recommends

Super Thursday 2018 – HMP Recommends

Super Thursday Children's Books

Believe it or not, there were a whopping 544 BRAND NEW books published in the UK on the 4th of October 2018! This is known as “Super Thursday” in the publishing world. At Hand Made Places we’re big believers in the importance of books for children; that’s why we recently published an article on The Child Development Benefits of Regular Reading. Therefore we thought we’d save you from drowning in all the titles! We’ve pulled together a list of some of the most exciting Super Thursday children’s books…

Books for early years

Baby Robot: A Beep-buzz, Light-up Story!

This “light and sound” book is a sensory delight, published by DK ChildrenBaby Robot is all about the importance of giving yourself a rest after a busy day of whirring, beeping and twinkling!

Woodland Sounds

To give little ones an introduction to the great outdoors, Woodland Sounds from Usborne Children’s Books uses colourful illustrations and realistic sound effects.

All of Us

This is the latest offering from acclaimed designer, author and illustrator, Alice Melvin. It’s a beautifully simple look at the members of a family, coming together to celebrate a birthday.

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Books for key stage 1 (ish!)

Snow in the Garden: A First Book of Christmas

Shirley Hughes is the first of several literary legends to catch our eye, of all the Super Thursday children’s books. In addition to the previously published Angel Mae and The Snow Lady this anthology includes poems, crafts, and recipes.

Dragon Post

What do you do when you find a dragon under the stairs? You write to the fire brigade, of course! This is another interactive book, similar in style to The Jolly PostmanEmma Yarlett‘s new story introduces emotion and heaps of fun!

The Antlered Ship

In Dashka Slater‘s tale of seafaring animals, the Fan Brothers’ illustrations are truly breathtaking. The story is just as touching; a very inquisitive fox searching for adventure and, more importantly, friendship.

I Was Made For You

This book by David Lucas is also all about questions. Here, one of the UK’s top illustrators gives us the gift of a newly-knitted cat, looking for its purpose in the big, wide world.

The King Who Banned the Dark

Some of the children’s books from Super Thursday were bound to respond to the theme of ‘power’. Hence, Emily Haworth-Booth uses her tale of a nervous young king to get children and adults thinking about responsibility and facing your fears. What’s the point of the light without the dark?

Hubert Horatio: How to Raise Your Grown-Ups

This wickedly clever book will remind us that – sometimes – children really do know better than their parents! Hubert Horatio guides his more-money-than-sense family away from trouble in this new offering from Lauren Child, creator of the hugely successful Charlie and Lola stories.

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Books for key stage 2 (ish!)

Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes

The scientific world is not just in laboratories and on space stations; it’s in the here and now and it’s all around you! That’s the main message of comedian Dara Ó Briain‘s latest non fiction book, encouraging children to take an interest in the world at their fingertips.

Absolutely Everything!

Here’s another non-fiction book for your children to get their teeth into…  Christopher Lloyd‘s Absolutely Everything! looks to be a remarkably thorough look at the history of the world, from dinosaurs to the industrial revolution and beyond.

My Mum Tracy Beaker

When literary superstar, Jacqueline Wilson, announced she was returning to her most famous heroine, there was apprehension mixed in with the excitement. That makes it one of the biggest titles of all the Super Thursday children’s books. It has been (unbelievably) 27 years since Tracy first strode into the spotlight! What will she be like now…?

The Train to Impossible Places: A Cursed Delivery

With mystery, magic and a big dollop of adventure, we think P.G. Bell‘s debut novel is about to steam ahead! Join Suzy as she is whisked into a story she never asked to be part of, with a pretty tall order on her hands.

The Clockwork Crow

Courage and family, ice and automatons: it sounds like there’s a an intricate mystery ticking away at the heart of The Clockwork Crow. Following her success as the inaugural Young Person’s Laureate for Wales in 2013, Catherine Fisher promises to grab children’s attention with her latest book.

Between Worlds: Folktales of Britain & Ireland

This collection contains re-tellings of fifty stories to enthral and inspire. Kevin Crossley-Holland is a celebrated poet and “master storyteller” therefore we’re expecting Between Worlds to become a treasured anthology in many homes and schools.

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Books for children of all ages:

National Trust: 2019 Nature Month-By-Month: A Children’s Almanac

This yearbook, or “almanac”, should be a wonderful companion for young nature lovers. Anna Wilson‘s guide can be used by older children on their own; alternatively, adults can take inspiration from the activity ideas, recipes and cultural celebrations when spending time with younger children.

My Storee

“Just because you can’t spell doesn’t mean you can’t write!” Paul Russell‘s picture book is a fun but supportive gift for all children who feel like they have a story to tell but have been discouraged in some way. Whether you’re dyslexic or not, the message at the heart of My Storee is something to remember.

Old Toffer’s Book of Consequential Dogs

To complete our list of Super Thursday children’s books, we’ve chosen a collection of poetry. Presenting the long-awaited, official “sequel” to T.S. Eliot’s classic anthology, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Award winning poet, Christopher Reid, was commissioned to finally bring Eliot’s original idea to life. So if these poems are anything like their feline counterparts, Consequential Dogs will delight adults and children alike.

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Will you be reading any Super Thursday children’s books?

Here at Hand Made Places we want to encourage families, guardians and teachers to read with children as often as possible. You can use books like the ones in this list to explore themes from technology, to magic, to the natural world.

The more you can involve children in literature, the better. Hearing stories, as well as the act of reading, is a vital part of childhood development. Therefore bedtime stories and reading practice at school are equally important. To build confidence, raise the level of engagement, try short stories, particularly collections. Take a look at our Top Ten Short Stories for Children for inspiration!


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