Introducing the Modular Towers collection

Introducing the Modular Towers collection
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Sourcing an exciting play tower to fit every school playground just got easier.
Whether it is designing for a specific size space; to meet certain activity goals and priorities; or bringing an imagined playground adventure to life, the new Modular Towers range allows buyers to leave their own stamp on their play area.
Our engineers have taken the essential and most popular elements of our play units and climbing frames and made them available to order as part of a ‘design your own’ play towers concept.
We’ve deconstructed our range and collated these elements into three easy to understand module categories: main components; connecting components; and entry/exit components.
As well as offering greater choice and flexibility the system puts the customer at the heart of the playground design process, and in control of everything from cost to complexity.
How big or bold the final play tower design turns out is entirely down to the client – and their imagination!

Main Components

The main component section includes the basic parts needed to bring a play tower together.
Selection may depend on the age range the play unit will be accessible to, or the overall design of the play unit, as the main components essentially form towers which includes platforms of varying heights and different challenges.
Infill Panels and Fascia Boards are needed for safety and a solid construction while Tower Decks are essential landing platforms and passing points for youngsters at play.
Roof modules complete the towers.

Connecting Components

Outdoor active play can help youngsters develop in lots of ways. It can support the development of gross motor skills like crawling and jumping as well as essential motor skills like coordination, agility and balance.
Further to these physical and health benefits, outdoor play can support cognitive and social skills such as problem solving, self-confidence, risk assessment and taking turns.
The elements of a play tower or play unit all have a role to play in both types of development.
The connecting components link the main components, the towers, together.
Our range varies in difficulty so clients can choose a suitable challenge for users.
We offer Bridges, which come in different lengths and can be sloped or straight, and crawl Tunnels of different configurations.
The next step up in difficulty might be the Wobble Bridge, encouraging users to keep their nerve and their balance as they cross the rickety pass.
The Balance Beam and V Rope Bridge require coordination skills and can support confidence-building, with users taking on the new and unusual challenge.
Finally we offer the Net Traverse and the Traverse Wall, again encouraging youngsters to think critically about navigating the climbing obstacles.

Entry/Exit Components

Before moving from tower to tower, users need to  first access the towers and – possibly reluctantly at the end of play time – get down from the towers.
Of course everyone loves a Slide, so an inclusive feature like the Slide might be accompanied by Steps at the opposite end of the play unit.
A Ladder or a Sloping Log Climber offer a slightly more difficult challenge to the Steps , whereas a Log Ladder incorporates added elements of balance and risk.
The Firefighter’s Pole is lots of fun and is a brilliant way to add variety to a play unit as well as increase the appeal of the challenge for older children.
A climbing elements, this time using up and down steps rather than side to side steps, can be incorporated as an entry/exit feature instead of, or in addition to, a connecting feature.
This can be with a Net Climb or a Climbing Wall.
And depending on the height of the tower, again based on the choice on poles in the Main Component Module, a Climbing Wall can also form an Under Tower Den.

If you have an idea for a Play Tower or Play Unit for your school or community playground, take a look at our range. Our advisers are available on telephone or email to go through your designs and help bring the vision to life.