Playgrounds that go beyond expectations

Playgrounds that go beyond expectations
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What makes a playground more than a playground? Answer: When the design considers play equipment and more.
As an experienced community and school playground designer, manufacturer and installer we create inclusive play areas that tap into the interests and developmental needs of all children.
But at Hand Made Places we realise that it’s not just children who visit our playgrounds, it’s whole families, and play is only a part of the experience.
With the Broxap group of companies we can offer our clients a wide range of facilities for their new play area, whether it be based at a school, SEND centre, recreation ground, visitor attraction or holiday park.
We work with our partners to discover their needs and aims.
From there our 3D artists produce a visualisation of the finished concept to make sure it ticks all the boxes before we start to manufacture products and install the playground.
The first step to achieving big things with Hand Made Places is to unlock your goals!

Playgrounds for all

Families come in all shapes and sizes so our playgrounds need to reflect this.
While the little ones are being pushed on the swings what is there to entertain big brother or sister?
Our range of play equipment includes a new collection of products designed to support the development of toddlers during the early years phase.
But our offering grows with playground users, with play units and climbing frames available in a range of heights and complexity to keep challenging children.
Our Trim Trails are a great choice for pre-teens and beyond while we can offer MUGAs and outdoor table tennis tables for all ages to enjoy. 
We also design outdoor gyms, for children and adults, putting the fun into fitness for everybody.
And who can resist trying to bash out a tune on outdoor musical instruments?
Our sensory and imaginative play and activity equipment open up the playground to all abilities.

A family-friendly focus

Open spaces are becoming vital to wellbeing, bringing people closer to nature and allowing them to connect with each other.
Seating and picnic tables turn a playground into a destination where parents can socialise as well as children, and snacks shared as visits are extended.
In addition to furniture created just for children, like our button stools and engraved benches, we can offer perches favoured by young people and seats complete with back and armrests for older carers and relatives.
We specialise in outdoor classrooms, amphitheatres and performance areas creating facilities that can be used by all members of the community in and out of term times.
Our shelters and canopies, play dens and gazebos are not just places to take cover from the rain with the range including recreation and spectator shelters, buggy shelters and dining canopies.

Support for active travel

Providing cycle and scooter parking opens up playground visits to families who cycle, helping them to spend even more quality time together.
It gives teenagers and older children the opportunity to visit outdoor gym facilities without relying on others for transport.
Having the right facilities in place can encourage more people to cycle, boosting the health and wellbeing of the wider community.
It could also add value to a location, creating the potential to host more visitors and events.

Safety first

Our safety surfacing has a role to play in the protection of playground users and visitors.
But it can also bring an area to life.
Our playground markings can support learning exercises as well as encourage children to take part in traditional and imaginative games.
Our surfacing can turn a field into a running track, or can guide and direct little ones around their new play area.
Litter bins, gates and fencing, signage and bollards are all available from Hand Made Places and our parent company Broxap to help keep playgrounds in good shape and their visitors safe.

Whatever your vision, work with Hand Made Places to bring your playground ideas to life.