Upgrade your playground to premium in 2023

Upgrade your playground to premium in 2023
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There’s no disputing the power of play.
With it being such an essential part of development and learning, providing quality playgrounds and outdoor spaces is fundamental to a quality education.
Choosing a school is among the most important decisions made by parents and carers as they aim to give their cherished ones the best start in life.
Considering what a playground has to offer, whether it be in the community, early years settings or in schools themselves, can also have a positive influence in the development years.
As more importance is placed on the benefits of spending time playing and learning outdoors, upgrading playground facilities in 2023 can result in environments where visitors can thrive.

Location and size

A playground can be created almost anywhere with the right equipment, surfacing and design.
If the goal is to encourage physical activity, consider a Play Tower or Trim Trail. 
From our compact Sunflower Play Unit to the grand Nautilus Play Boat, a play tower or climbing frame can combine a range of equipment for honing gross motor skills.
Climbing, crawling, jumping, stepping, sliding – each movement develops coordination, balance and strength as well as supporting the development of spatial awareness and confidence building.
For areas where an installation is not suitable, our collection of Imaginative Play Blocks includes freestanding mini physical challenges which can be laid out like a Trim Trail with the advantage of being easy to pack away and store ready to form a new and different trail every time.

Inclusivity and diversity

Equal access to play and learning means creating outdoor spaces which bring people of all ages and abilities together.
Playground equipment such as the Wave Rocker includes features such as a controlled rocking system, braille signage and wheelchair-friendly dimensions so up to six people can enjoy the excitement of the seesaw.
Activity panels support fine motor skills, developing thinking processes such as problem solving with a Finger Maze while sensory panels like our Mirror Panels and Totems stimulate touch and sight.
Imaginative play equipment, like a Train Set or Tractor & Trailer, send all users of a journey of adventure.

Social connections

Play is as important to wellbeing as it is to learning.
Upgrading am outdoor space to include more Playground Furniture is a simple way to help users foster connections and develop social skills.
Including a quiet space in a playground will appeal to those who prefer more creative games.
Playground Sculptures provide talking points, helping younger ones to understand the world around them as well as develop communication skills.
And while a Play Den offers both shelter and shade, it is also easily transformed into a shop or a play house or a police station ensuring the fun continues when the weather threatens to stop play.