Choose Hand Made Places this Children's Gardening Week

Learning through growing with gardening for children
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Choose Hand Made Places this Children's Gardening Week

There’s no better way to learn than by doing.
And our Growing, Planting and Nature range offers schools and families everything they need to create fascinating skills sessions.
From digging and planting to creating habitats for insects and minibeasts, getting out in the garden offers a wealth of development opportunities.
And with National Children’s Gardening Week (May 29 – June 6 2021) calling on us all to make a concentrated effort to capture young people’s enthusiasm for getting their hands dirty, now is the perfect time to invest in underused plots of land.

The right containers for your garden

Container gardening is a brilliant way to get the immediate results children crave. It’s also ideal for places where space is at a minimum and lends itself to a wide range of plants.
The Hand Made Places range of Planters is extremely versatile and bespoke items can be designed and built to order.
Our large planters are perfect for use outside all year round and are big enough to hold the roots of plants. They also keep the soil moist because they don’t dry out as quickly.
Selecting plants for your containers is all part of the learning experience for children.
It could be vegetable, flower, herb, shrub or even a small tree.
The process can link with science and cooking lessons as well as sensory understanding of colour, texture and smell.

Looking after the wildlife

Our Minibeast HQ and Compost Cottage are the perfect companions to our planters.
They support environmental lesson plans, helping children to learn how to identify the creepy crawlies in the garden and the role they play in the eco system.
The composting process can also be used as a teaching resource, supporting curriculum links to mathematics, geography and science.
Themes can also be introduced into Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education such as food waste, recycling and respecting the environment.

Developing life skills

From early years through to Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and beyond, being out in the garden is not only fun and educational, it’s an experience for children to cherish.
Add in their own perfectly proportioned seating or develop the sensory element of the garden with a Totem or Willow Tunnel so children can closely identify with the area.
Sand and water tables are also a good way to add variety.
Creating a gardening zone can encourage young people to focus on the task at hand, doubling up as a lesson in mindfulness.
Being helpful and kind and taking responsibility for the garden are all part of the process, building positive self-esteem and happiness. Gardening also improves concentration and understanding of the world.

Gardening essentials

Hand Made Places believes in delivering value through its products – gardening is a healthy and inexpensive way to have fun and learn.
From a single Corner Planter in the playground to our impressive Dragon Planter or a whole collection of furniture and equipment for showstopping school grounds, we have something for every budget and learning objective.
Shop our range online today.

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