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World Book Day

Today is World Book Day! World Book Day is held in the UK annually on the first Thursday of March. When World Book Day was first celebrated, it was held on the 23rd of April. This is due to the significance which this day holds in the world of literature. World Book Day is a celebration of books, authors and illustrators and therefore was held on the anniversary of English playwright William Shakespeare’s death. However, due to the regular conflict with the Easter holiday’s the date was changed. World Book Day is still celebrated on this date in the 99 other participating countries. At Hand Made Places we want to join in with the celebrations today and show our love for everything which World Book Day has to offer.

What is World Book Day?  

World Book Day is the one day per year when the entire world comes together to show their appreciation for the joys of reading. This special day is celebrated in schools up and down the UK and is often marked by a celebratory World Book ‘fancy dress’ Day, where children dress up as their favourite character from any book! Children get into the spirit of the day and often speak of how much they enjoyed talking about their favourite books.  They also enjoy discussing why they chose the characters that they did, in regards to their costumes.

World Book Day is celebrated in Nurseries, Primary Schools and even Secondary Schools all over the world, no matter your age or background you can benefit from World Book Day! This special day often provides children, who wouldn’t usually have access to reading, with the opportunity to own their very own book. 15 million World Book Day vouchers are given to children all over the UK, meaning that every child under the age of 18 can receive a brand new book. Either you can choose one of twelve FREE books, or even use your voucher to get £1 off any other full priced book which is above £2.99.

This year’s free books include: 1. There’s a Wolf in Your Book by Tom Fletcher, 2. Luna Loves World Book Day by Joseph Coelho, 3. What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson, 4. Gigantosaurus Dino Spot by Jonny Duddle, 5. Planet Omar Operation Kind by Zanib Mian, 6. Protect the Planet by Jess French, 7. The River Whale by Sita Brahmachari, 8. Sky Steppers by Katherine Rundell, 9.Little Badman and the Radioactive Samosa by Aleksei Bitskoff, 10. 20 Fantastic Football Stories by Alexander Bellos and Ben Lyttleton 11. Kill Joy by Holly Jackson and Skulduggery Pleasant Apocalypse Kings by Derek Landy!

Why is reading so important?

Reading is extremely important when it comes to childhood development. Of course there are the obvious reasons which include literary progression, for example improving reading, writing and spelling skills as well as enhancing their vocabulary, but the benefits do not stop there. Reading is a great way to promote independence and self-confidence in a child. Right from the beginning when they choose their own book, this is teaching them to make decisions for themselves, even if they are reading with an adult. Then as their skills improve they can then read alone, giving them the independence to choose the book, the pace and even allows them to make a decision as to whether they are enjoying the book which they are reading, and then perhaps swap that book for an alternative one.

Reading a good book can also help to enhance their imagination. Children can be transported to brand new worlds, or even be shown a brand new perspective on an already existing world. This can then give them a deeper understanding into their own surroundings. Helping them to make sense of the world around them.

How does Hand Made Places support World Book Day?

World Book Day is a celebration of reading and here at Hand Made Places we believe that reading is extremely important for the development of younger children. Therefore, at Hand Made Places we design, manufacture and install a range of storytelling products which are designed to enhance story time for both the storyteller and the listener.

Our Storytellers Chair offers a specific area for one designated storyteller to sit and read aloud to a group of pupils or teachers. Alternatively the Storytellers chair can be used to offer a specific area to participate in some independent quiet reading. You can create a small area using a multitude of our outdoor play equipment to create a small space which is designated to quiet story time. By placing smaller seats as well as animal themed play sculptures, such as the Sheep or the Hog, or even musical instruments you can create a small interactive story area for children to enjoy and experience the joys of reading. Both on World Book Day and for the rest of the year.

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