Oriel Mon Centre for Art History, Anglesey

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Hand Made Places have installed a beautiful play area for the Oriel Mon Centre for Art History in Anglesey. The centre is host to both a museum and art gallery which holds historical pieces from the great town of Anglesey, Wales.

This brand new play area has been installed as part of an ongoing refurbishment for the Oriel Mon Centre for Art History, as part of an aim to improve the facilities surrounding the museum and gallery.

This beautiful art history centre is frequented by families who enjoy looking at the art displays and getting involved in the family friendly crafting activities.

As a result of this, the centre needed to provide an area for young children to play.

That is where Hand Made Places came in.

Our timber playground equipment has provided a play area for children which suits the natural aesthetic of the surroundings.

And not only this, the choice of products has added emphasis to the natural aesthetic too!

Amongst the installed equipment is the CowSheep and Hog play sculpture.

These typical farm animals allow children to engage in imaginative play, using animals that most of these children will see on a regular basis.

In addition to this, Hand Made Places also installed natural looking musical instruments.

These include the Chimes and Petal Drum. The Petal Drum features beautiful floral engravings. These engravings mimic those that would be found in nature.

On top of all of this, Hand Made Places installed multiple Chalk Boards. These simple pieces of playground equipment allow children visiting the centre to practice their hand at some art themselves.

They can try to recreate any of the interesting pieces which they have already seen in the gallery.

Finally, there was a TeepeeStorytellers Chair and Block Seat set installed. This allows children to engage in storytelling.

This is the perfect addition to this play area, as children can buy books and toys from the centre’s gift shop.

For more information on any of the products installed, or to find out how you can install a similar play area for your establishment, contact one of our team here.

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Llangefni, Gwynedd

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