Overton Primary School, Hampshire

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At Hand Made Places, we believe in the power to inspire, educate and ignite imagination. In collaboration with Overton Primary School, we created a tailor-made playground that has not only become a source of joy for the children, but also fosters learning and growth.

Our team of skilled designers developed a custom play area tailored to the school’s needs and preferences. Drawing inspiration from nature and incorporating elements of adventure and discovery, Hand Made Places manufactured a playground that would blend seamlessly with the school’s surroundings.

Our team began by surveying the site and carefully dismantling the outdated play equipment. They then installed the new, exciting playground. The equipment boasts a variety of features designed for an enriching play environment including Triple Traverse Walls, an Overhead Ladder, an Amazon Rope Climber, a Meadows Play Unit and a Modular Play Tower. The play area was encircled by rubber mulch, ensuring a safe and soft surface for children to play on.

Since its installation, the playground has become a beloved fixture of the school. Teachers have observed an increase in student engagement during break times, and parents have praised the school for providing a stimulating space for their children to play.

At Hand Made Places by Broxap, we take pride in our commitment to creating innovative and engaging play spaces within schools and communities.

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