St Theresa's RC Primary School, Nottingham

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The school needed a revamp of their KS1 and Early Years outdoor play spaces. This consisted of three areas each with specific requirements. The largest area for Key Stage One students simply needed bringing to life with engaging activities for all levels of ability and interests. A tired playground and underused pockets of shade and grassy areas were not being utilised.

The second area for the youngest children simply lacked shaded areas for the children to play and learn in an outdoor environment and that provided suitable weatherproof facilities.

The final area required some ground works to remove old surfacing and replace with a new challenging trim trail and wet pour surfacing.

There was also a requirement to encourage further outdoor role-play and learning with large wall mounted chalkboards and seating.

Two of the three areas were well sited in terms of access and location, the final area was more difficult and required the most ground works and wet pour surfacing. However, following a detailed site surey a programme of works was drawn up to ensure the project was carried out with efficiency.

The Hand Made Places design that St Theresas accepted offered quality and unique products that collectively transformed the playscape of the main playground. It also provided practicality and reinforced play and learning experience of the two smaller areas. We provided various items of outdoor learning, sports & play equipment including; a combi goal, adventure trailseating areasshelters and sensory play items.