Case Study: Neasden Primary School

Neasden Primary School

Neasden Primary School in Hull required outdoor play and gym equipment, in order to promote a more active lifestyle. The range of different equipment that Hand Made Places installed offers a fun outdoor space that the pupils can use for active outdoor play, and outdoor learning.

An Andover climbaround was installed, this play unit includes: trapeze rings, climbing wall, scramble net, ladder walls, parallel ropes, balance beams and slopey ropes. This versatile multi-play climbaround offers something for every child. The challenging piece of equipment promotes physical activity as well as improving both balance and coordination. As well as this some aspects such as the trapeze rings improve muscle tone and bone strength, thus aiding in physical development.

Hand Made Places also installed a trim trail. This trim trail included, stepping stones, Scissor Bridge, The Reach, V Bridge, Swing Steps, Rope Ladder and Balance Beams. This large selection of playground equipment encourages pupils to engage in active play. Whilst having fun on these challenging pieces of equipment, pupils are improving their fitness, balance, and coordination.

A Hawks Nest and Triple Traverse wall were also installed. These challenging pieces of equipment compliment the Andover climbaround and encourage children to engage in physical activity, whilst having fun. Broxap timber benches were also installed around the play areas. This allows children to rest after playing for long periods of time, providing an opportunity for children to socialise and communicate with others.

Along with the pieces of playground equipment that promote physical active play, Hand Made Places also installed a Windmill sand pit and an Atlantic 1. The Windmill sandpit encourages both creativity and exploration through exciting sand based play. The Atlantic 1 again promotes creativity in pupils and is a great way to allow them to explore. The Atlantic 1 is great for play, but also can be used as a tool in any science lesson making it a great addition to the playground.

As well as the play equipment Neasden Primary School also needed an area where children could sit down. Hand Made Places installed the Amazing seating that can seat up to 60 children. The seating was placed underneath a Broxap bespoke Newcastle Senior shelter, meaning that pupils are protected from any type of weather. This sheltered seating area is a great space for children to socialise during playtimes, but can also be used for outdoor lessons.

Neasden Primary School also requested outdoor gym equipment to be installed, these included the: Double Sit Up Bench, Double Slalom Skier, Sky Stepper, Double Health Walker, Horse Rider, Double Strength Challenger and the Tai Chi Disks. This equipment encourages children to engage in physical outdoor exercise during their break times. This therefore encourages an overall healthy lifestyle. The outdoor gym equipment can be incorporated into PE lessons making it extremely versatile.

Finally, Hand Made Places installed Grass Saver Matting which provides a safety surface for the trim trail and outdoor gym equipment.