Beddington Play Unit

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BX/HMP 150005

The Beddington is a play unit which includes a variety of activities.

Beddington Play Unit


The platforms for the Beddington Play Unit can be arranged in multiples to create a "Zig-Zag" or even placed at differet heights to create more of a challenge.

This play unit coveres a large area and provides children with a fantastic and challenging play experience.


Age Range: 5yrs+

Minimum Use Zone: 67.8m2

Critical Fall Height: 1.8m


  • Three platforms
  • Pull up ramp
  • Wobble bridge
  • Fireman’s pole
  • Two ladder walls
  • Vertical scramble net
  • Horizontal scramble net
  • Two climbing walls
  • Seven ring trapeze
  • Rope ladder
  • V-bridge


  • Height: 3.2m
  • Length: 7m
  • Width: 5m

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