Outdoor Storytelling Areas

Take storytelling outdoors with our range of hand crafted, high quality timber playground storytelling chairs and benches. Outdoor storytelling encourages literacy, reading and communication skills. Storytelling chairscircles and benches provide a fun addition to any school playground.

Telling stories doesn’t have to be a static activity. Using the environment around you to explain the plot will engage the listeners even further. Items like trainsboats and castles will appear in children’s books, allowing them to interact with it, making the story more of an event.

Our products can be used to create a place to read, role play or perform tales with friends and classmates. Props like outdoor musical instruments can aid a story, allowing children to add dramatic sound effects during a reading session.

8 Products
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8 Items

  1. Storyteller's Chair
    BX/HMP 450028 Storyteller's Chair
  2. Wishing Chair
    BX/HMP 450033 Wishing Chair
  3. Modular Radius Seating
    BX/HMP 450016 Modular Radius Seat
  4. Amazing Seating
    BX/HMP 450001 Amazing Seating
  5. Button Stools
    BX/HMP 450007 Button Stools
  6. Block Seat
    BX/HMP 450003 Block Seat
  7. Forest Story House
    BX/PD 200019 Forest Story House
  8. Puppet Theatre Screen
    BX/HMP 650043 Puppet Theatre Screen
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8 Items