Embankment Playground Slides

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BX/PD 100074

Embankment Slides recover ‘lost’ playground space by transforming even the steepest slope into an exhilarating, traditional playground favourite. 

Embankment Playground Slides


An Embankment Slide makes the climb to the top of a hill all worthwhile just for the thrill of sliding back down again.

With a range of slide designs and materials including plastic and stainless steel options, Hand Made Places weaves its playground magic to extract even greater benefits from the natural landscape. Enabling children (young and old!) to experience a range of movement, an Embankment Slide is a firm playground favourite.


An ideal playground equipment for slopes. We can supply and install all types of slides including stainless steel, HDPE and GRP (plastic) available for all sites. We can provide a range of slides including twist, waves and tube slides. We can also provide steps or ramps to the top of the bank too, as well as an optional extra stairway to the slope. 

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