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Create inspiring outdoor spaces for play and learning with high-quality school playground equipment, providing memorable play experiences.

Outdoor play is connected with a wide range of long-lasting, positive benefits for all users from improved health and wellbeing to enhanced physical and cognitive development.

The playground is the place where friendships are formed and good times are enjoyed. And the right choice of school playground equipment is an important feature when aiming to provide an inclusive and safe place for fun and activity.

A playground is at the heart of a community, whether that is a school or SEN community, local neighborhood, holiday park, or even a hospital or healthcare setting. Outdoor play provision, including school playground equipment, offers the chance for children, parents, and carers to take a break from routine, to escape the screens and take pleasure in the freedom a playground provides.

Playgrounds are safe environments where even little ones can take calculated risks, climbing a little further up the play tower or swinging a little higher with their friends.
An investment in playground equipment is an investment in the future happiness and prosperity of a place, exposing its young people to opportunities to boost their social skills, challenge their abilities and push new boundaries.

An inclusive playground brings everyone together and celebrates diversity. The right mix of playground equipment has the power to unleash creativity and imagination, to give active children the ability to take on new adventures and provide spaces for exploration and discovery for those who prefer a less boisterous environment. School playground equipment offers a sensory experience, bringing new sights, sounds, movement and textures into a young person’s world.

At Hand Made Places we design, manufacture and install playground equipment which is safe, attractive and, most importantly of all, lots of fun! Our playground equipment is designed for maximum play value, delivering peak benefits through sustainable, durable, long-lasting products. We have a range of school playground equipment for the EYFS and nursery sector, created specifically for the nurturing of emotional, cognitive and physical skills. Our range of school playground equipment for KS1 aims to pique the curiosity of children, encouraging their independence. School playground equipment for KS2 builds on these themes even further, helping young people to understand the importance of activity for a healthy lifestyle. These ranges include wheelchair accessible playground equipment, which is also ideal for playgrounds at parks and recreation grounds, and designs which enable playground visitors of all ages and abilities to play together.

Our expert team of playground specialists work with clients to make the most out of every play space, recommending school playground equipment to meet the projects aims and goals as well as budget requirements. With a dedicated UK timber playground workshop, we also create customised playground equipment and unique playground features, preparing detailed visuals to ensure we accurately capture our customers’ play concept. Partner with Hand Made Places today and launch the playground magic!

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  1. Grasshopper Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350010 Grasshopper Sculpture
  2. Hog Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350024 Hog Sculpture
  3. Raging Bull Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350015 Raging Bull Sculpture
  4. Sea Monster
    BX/HMP 350016 Sea Monster
  5. Sheep Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350018 Sheep Sculpture
  6. Shark Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350017 Shark Sculpture
  7. Snail Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350025 Snail Sculpture
  8. Snake Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350019 Snake Sculpture
  9. Swan Seat
    BX/HMP 350020 Swan Seat
  10. Bee Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350001 Bee Sculpture
  11. Butterfly Play Sculpture at Newton Preparatory School
    BX/HMP 350003 Butterfly Sculpture
  12. Cow Play Sculpture
    BX/HMP 350005 Cow Sculpture
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