The Benefits of Reading: Aiding in EYFS Development.

The Benefits of Reading: Aiding in EYFS Development.

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Children under five are developing at a phenomenal rate.  Each day they are learning new skills, and developing/improving on existing ones. The first five years of life are so important and that is why we refer to them as the ‘Foundation’ years.

Skills that are learned during these first five years are carried with us through childhood and deep into our adult lives.

These skills are comprised of both physical skills, as well as more academic skills too, for example CAL!

Physical skills such as walking, standing and sitting, are developed by practice and constant encouragement, and CAL (Communication and Language) skills work in the same way.

When it comes to CAL however, visualising and tracking development can be more tricky. Therefore it is important to use tools such as books to monitor development.

Nurseries & reception classes should regularly use reading, singing and practising poetry with babies from birth, until they go into KS1 at age five.

We suggest this, due to the fact that reading from an early age can help to:

  • Improve the ability to understand words.
  • Develop a vivid and complex imagination.
  • Develop a range of sounds and phrases (speech)
  • Develop literacy skills including, spelling, listening, writing, & reading.
  • Develop fine motor skills.
  • Promote emotional responses.

Due to these amazing benefits, again we re-iterate that, it is essential that reading is practised regularly in both nursery and reception classes!

At Hand Made Places we think that not only should reading be practised regularly, but it should also be practised in a calming, yet enjoyable environment.

Therefore we have a myriad of Storytelling products, including: Outdoor Classrooms, Story Circles, and the Storytelling Chair.

These products provide a designated storytelling area which can be used for calm quite story time, or exciting story performances.

In addition to having these storytelling products, we can also provide animal faces and play sculptures which can be used to bring the stories you are reading to life.

This will not only help with CAL development, but it can also help develop an understanding for the child’s surroundings, as well as instilling an appreciation for the environment.

Which EYFS books can help with development?

At Hand Made Places we love to give helpful tips and information surrounding all things related to learning, and so we have come up with a list of book types and books which can help to aid in EYFS development.

Take a look at the list below for more information:

Peep Through Books:

Peep through books are books which usually tell a story through giving away a little bit of information from the next page.

These types of books are perfect for developing brains as they help to develop a sense of curiosity, as well as helping them to understand a range of emotions.

By reading books of this type children should feel a sense of excitement and maybe even frustration. By exploring these emotions with a care giver you can help younger children to develop social and emotional skills.

Hand Made Places Suggests: 

Are You There Little Elephant


Winnie-the-Pooh: Goodnight Pooh A bedtime peep-through book


 A Walk Through the Woods

ISBN: 9781405284875

Touch & Feel Books:

Touch and feel books help children to explore new textures and environments.

Children can explore the pages of the book, and discover the different sensations when they touch something soft, rough, slippery or fluffy.

These types of books will help children to develop an understanding of the environment, as well as promoting the knowledge that everything we feel is different.

Children will love exploring these sensory books!

Hand Made Places Suggests: 

You Must Never Touch a Monster

ISBN: 9781785983955

Elmer’s World

ISBN: 9781783443413

That’s Not My Llama

ISBN: 9781474921640

Lift the flap books:

Lift the flap books, much like the peep through books, are great at helping to develop a child’s sense of curiosity as well as helping them to develop their emotional range.

These types of books are perfect for teaching children all about ‘disappointment’ as very often when you lift a flap, you don’t find the animal or object that you were looking for.

This is great for young minds as they can develop the ability to control both negative and positive emotions.

In addition to this, some of the lift the flap books which are suitable for ages three and up are actually education and can provide a fun way to answer the questions that they have about their surrounding environment.

Hand Made Places Suggests: 

Where is Mr Duck

ISBN      9781788003674

Dear Zoo

ISBN13: 9781416947370

What Are Stars

IBSN: 9781474924252Th

Push, Pull, Slide Books:

Children can use these types of books to explore a range of motion. Sliding elements often feature on doors, body parts or other moving objects, and this allows children to explore how things move.

In addition to this the moving parts can be moved by both little, and not so little fingers meaning that EYFS students can explore and develop their fine motor skills. Something that will help them as they approach adult life.

Furthermore sliding books can also be educational. Books such as the the below mentioned “First Maths Slide and See: Taking Away” provide both a thrilling and enjoyable way to promote learning in younger children.

Hand Made Places Suggests: 

First Maths Slide and See: Taking Away.

ISBN: 9781474922265

Busy Airport

ISBN: 9781447257585

The Ugly Duckling (Push Pull Slide)

ISBN 9781509851720

Sound Books:

Musical or sound books are another way to stimulate the senses.

Children can interact with these types of books, by pressing the right buttons which match the story.

In addition to this, books such as the “Woodland Sounds“, instil an awareness of the surrounding environment.

Animal and Vehicle sounds are one of the first steps in the CAL development process.

Therefore encouraging this process will improve a child’s communication skills.

Hand Made Places Suggests: 

Farm Sounds

ISBN: 9781474921213

Baby’s very first noisy book “ZOO” 

ISBN: 9781409597117

The Gruffalo Sound Book 

IBSN: 9780230748668 

All of  the books mentioned above are suitable for children from birth up until age five. These books are great for use in nursery, and reception class settings, as well as to be used at home.

Setting a good foundation for children from this young age will help them as they progress through school and into adult life.

If your children, or pupils have passed this EYFS stage, and you are looking for books for older children take a look at this list!

In addition to the EYFS storytelling equipment, Hand Made Places also design, manufacture and install a range of outdoor gym equipment for Nurseries and Infants Schools. 

This equipment can be used to help aid in physical development. For more information, to to browse our EYFS playground equipment, click the link provided!

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