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Hand Made Places have installed a range of fantastic new playground equipment at Crimdon Dene Holiday Park in Hartlepool.

This new equipment replaced the existing old equipment, which was both rotting and outdated.

With this new equipment, also came a new focus:  …Play for everyone.

The new playground equipment needed to be focused on providing all children with a place to play. Therefore there were two separate areas installed; one which would focus on older children, ages eight and above, and another which focused on ages eight and lower.

The area which was specified for younger children had both the: Toddlers Towers and a selection of animal Springies installed.

These select pieces provide imaginative and physical play for younger children. Combining both fun with promoting development.

The second area which focused on providing a place for older children to play, was much more focused on the physical side.

This area included the Fun Palace and Triple Traverse Wall. This multi-climber and slide equipment goes towards helping to improve balance, co-ordination, muscle flexibility and bone strength.

The Fun Palace includes the following elements:

Crimdon Dene decided on Hand Made Places after looking at our interesting timber playground equipment, stating that the timber took their fancy due to the seaside location.

Their playground equipment was placed in a large, open, green space. Therefore it was decided that green plastics and ropes would be used to complement the equipment and echo the natural surroundings.

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