The Butts Primary School, Hampshire

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The Butts Primary School, Hampshire

Hand Made Places have installed a small selection of physical play equipment for pupils attending The Butts Primary School in Hampshire.

This collaboration of both climbing frames and trim trail apparatus, provides children with a physical challenge, aiding in the development of balance and co-ordination, whilst also helping to improve bone and muscle strength as well as flexibility.

Three individual pieces of playground equipment have been installed in addition to rubber bound mulch safety surfacing, to provide a designated play space for pupils attending this primary school.

Amongst the installed equipment was the Congo Rope Climber.

This climbing frame is similar in structure to that of the larger Amazon Rope Climber however its smaller size makes it perfect for schools who are lacking in playground space. The Congo Rope climber combines imaginative play with physical play making it a spectacular addition to any play area.

Pupils can be transported to the depths of the magical rainforest, climbing high through the canopies of the trees without even leaving the school premises. In addition to this the physical element helps to ensure children are acquiring the minimum amount of daily exercise too.

Another product installed, was the Humpback Steps. This product much like the above-mentioned Congo Rope Climber is a physical play item, thus helping to improve key physical attributes such as balance, and co-ordination, as well as providing a fun challenge for children of all ages.

Much like the Congo Rope Climber, the Humpback Steps also provide imaginative play opportunities for pupils too. Children can play games such as “the floor is lava” and much more…

You can find out more about combining physical and imaginative play in our blog post.

Furthermore, Hand Made Places also installed the A-Frame climber. This piece of play equipment is perfect for adding an element of physical play to any playground. The nature of the equipment means that children will have fun climbing the ropes whilst also improving muscle flexibility in their upper body.

For more information about the products installed, contact us today.

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