Petal Drums

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These petal drums provide both an aesthetically pleasing and exciting addition to any playground. The varied tones and sounds not only enhance children's senses but also encourage interactive play, making them an ideal inclusion of outdoor musical and percussion instruments in the play area.

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Petal Drums


Each ‘Petal Drum’ contains a small (24cm) Babel Drum encased with shaped aluminum ‘petals’, securely mounted to a stainless-steel frame, and comes supplied with a soft, flexible beater specifically designed to produce delightfully soft soothing tones.


  • Daisy Petal Drum
  • Forget-Me-Not Petal Drum
  • Poppy Petal Drum 
  • Sunflower Petal Drum


Materials and Features:

  • 316 stainless steel, mirror polished leg.
  • Stainless steel tongue drum center.
  • Aluminum petals.
  • Gloss polyester powder coated finish.
  • 2 x 1 part vandal resistant mallets.
  • Vandal resistant 300 series stainless steel fixings.

Tuning and Sound Level Data:

  • Forget Me Not - C Major Pentatonic
  • Poppy - A Akebono
  • Daisy - A Minor
  • Sunflower - C Pygmy
  • 50m - 48dB
  • 10m - 59dB
  • <3m - 79dB

This product is wheelchair accessible.

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