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BX/PD 100040

Our Seesaw incorporates a traditional playground design offering the perfect opportunity for users to make friends and play with others, or enjoy lots of fun with their buddies and siblings. This piece of play equipment supports co-operative play between children as well as social interaction and active play.

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Made from laminated redwood timbers, the Seesaw has comfortable stainless steel handles and a central damped pivot section. Keeping playground visitors physically active, it introduces new movements and sensory experiences to youngsters. 



Age Range: 4yrs+

Minimum Use Zone: 18.9m2

Critical Fall Height: 0.9m


  • Seesaw constructed from heavy-duty laminated redwood timbers
  • Heavy duty stainless steel handles
  • Steel centre section with a damped pivot
  • Free height of fall: 900mm
  • The seesaw can be installed on grass without the need for safety surfacing
  • Seesaw ideal for ages four to eleven

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