Badger Animal Face Totem

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The detailing on our Badger Animal Face Totem makes it a great emblem of woodland creatures. But our Totems are not limited to natural play spaces. Every playground can benefit from the Badger’s friendly face! The Badger Animal Face can form part of a playground trail or nature trail incorporating other animal totems or introduced to an outdoor space as a symbol of friendship.

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Badger Animal Face Totem


Full of character, an animal face totem is the perfect addition to any outdoor play or learning zone to increase engagement and value. Our animal totems form part of the Hand Made Places sensory play equipment range for clients including schools, landscape designers, contractors, parish councils and local authorities. It has easily identifiable, tactile features for helping young children to learn about conservation and the animal kingdom and Badger is also often drawn into imaginative play scenarios.


Age Range: 3yrs+

Minimum Use Zone: 8.5m2

Bespoke engravings available

Wheelchair Accessible 


  • Height: 1m
  • Width: 0.4m

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