Whitewater C OF E Primary School, Hampshire

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A unique outdoor learning environment has been created for the early years classes at Whitewater C of E Primary School.
The existing play area has been totally transformed to include a range of eco, imaginative and physical play features which will support their development.
With access direct from the classrooms, the new play and learning zone offers a safe and secure environment which also encourages independent exploration.

As well as helping to prepare little ones for school, the equipment is designed to contribute to the development of personal and social skills.
To support pupils’ understanding of the world, we created a bespoke sand and water play area for Whitewater Primary.
This includes an Extra Large Sandpit and a Double Water Tray and Chute Combo.
The highlight of this area, which also supports maths and science skills, is a bespoke Water Wall.
Here, children can use water wheel, buckets, funnels, valves, dams and hoses to follow the movement of water along the wall.
Over in the imaginative play area, a Dragonfly Play Sculpture sits at the end of a new bound rubber mulch path.
The path leads to a discovery zone packed with Discovery Tables and Trays, Mud Kitchen and Chalk Board.
A Storyteller’s Chair is situated in the corner, under a tree, where children can express and share their findings.
Central to the outdoor area is our Teepee, offering a hide-out, play house or even just shelter from the sun.
Outside, on a new artificial grass surface, there’s a mini Trim Trail featuring eight Stepping Logs and a Balance Beam. Around it lies a bound rubber mulch race track, perfect for bike and scooter rides.
For those who like to get creative, a Star Stage offers performance and play space for youngsters to explore the arts.
Fencing works complete the project.

Hand Made Places have a long established relationship with Glen Golding, Executive Headteacher of Whitewater School,  having worked, and continuing to work, on all 4 schools he Heads. Loyal customer Glen, contacted our Sales Director post installation;

"Thanks for the work you did at Whitewater. Love the finished project".

Thank you for the feedback Glen, we're so pleased you love it and are sure the children will love it just as much! We look forward to continuing to work with you on your schools' playgrounds.

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