Bosley Trail

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Bosley Trail

Encourages children to participate in a variety of activities on and around the route.

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Bosley Trail


The Bosley Trail focuses on balance and coordination. Ideal for parish councils and schools. No additional surfacing is required as the critical fall height is under 0.6m.

This trim trail set comprising of:

  1. Balance Beam
  2. Balance Weaver
  3. Rota Log
  4. Stepping Logs 
  5. Swing Steps
  6. Zig Zag



  • Height: 2m
  • Critical Fall Height: 0.5m 
  • Area: 78m sq
  • Age: 6+


  • Constructed of heavy duty timber
  • Long lasting rope and chain elements
  • Timber steps at various heights
  • Low level impact piece of play equipment

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