Dinosaurs Mini Micro World Table

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BX/HMP 250048

Children can track down creatures from a prehistoric age all from the comfort of our Dinosaurs Mini Micro World Table. Through our engraved timber table scene, youngsters can travel back millions of years to an imaginary place where giant reptiles roam the land.

Dinosaurs Mini Micro World Table


Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures, and the Dinosaurs Mini Micro World Table can help children to better understand the basics of evolution as well as expand their vocabulary. Small world play is fun and exciting but can also spark interest in more complex topics such as history and the features of animals which are living descendants to dinosaurs.


Age Range: 2yrs+

Minimum Use Zone: 9m2

Bespoke engravings Available

Wheelchair Accessible 


  • Height: 0.8m
  • Width: 1m

Available Designs:

  • Airport
  • Farm
  • Railway Station
  • City
  • Village

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