GT Wave

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BX/HMP 850300

An inclusive rope climbing structure with a specialised rubber transfer platform and a slip-resistant route that leads to a 1.8m slide!

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GT Wave


The entire family can participate by following the accessible approach to the slide, which has clear and open sight lines. Climbing and gathering spaces within the structure promote social interaction. Balance and flexibility are improved by using tethered pods and a slack rope. The variety of play activities provides possibilities for physical, social-emotional, and cognitive skill development, as well as exploration inside, over, and through. The textured grip facilitates movement and offers a sense of security when walking, sitting, or climbing. 


  • Length: 6.84m
  • Height: 3.19m
  • Width: 7.25m
  • Use Zone: 136m2
  • Age range: 5-12 years

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