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Papilio is a tubular bell type metallophone constructed using notes of anodised aluminium tubes, suspended by stainless steel cables on a stainless steel frame.




Tuned in the Key of C-Major, the pentatonic nature of the musical instrument means there are no wrong notes and any combination of sounds is pleasant. The tonal range is from Middle C to C7 spanning 3 octaves. The Papilio can easily be played by 4 players, spanning over 2.4m or 8ft.



  • Height: 1.1m

Materials and Features:

  • 300 series mirror polished stainless steel 3 part frame.
  • Silver anodized aluminum notes.
  • Nylon coated 300 series stainless steel cables.
  • 4 x 1 part vandal resistant mallets.
  • Vandal resistant 300 series stainless steel fixings.
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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